HC Fire Chief Fred Crosby: sprinkler system saved two buildings

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) – Each building destroyed in Saturday's fire had either a smoke detector or fire alarm inside, according to Horry County Fire Chief Fred Crosby.

Chief Crosby spoke to Carolina Forest residents Wednesday night at the Civic Association meeting. He explained that firefighters have a hard time dealing with losing 26 buildings, because it's their job to save structures from burning down. He continued to say they did a great job because every person  made it out safely.

The combination of pine straw surrounding the buildings, combined with the make-up of the buildings, and how fast the winds were moving, made the fire a perfect storm.

"There were two buildings that had sprinklers," Chief Crosby said. "They were built after the fire code had changed and required it. The other buildings were built before it was required. And those two buildings are left standing."

Chief Crosby recommends every citizen get a residential sprinkler system.

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