Budget problems in Pee Dee cause major bus service cuts

Pee Dee RTA

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) –  The Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority is cutting bus services across the Pee Dee because they can no longer provide wide spread services due to budgeting problems.

Executive Director, Chuck MacNeil said 12 service contracts will, or have already been impacted by the loss of revenue. MacNeil said in order to stop the P.D.R.T.A. from going into financial ruin, some routes have been cut.

Not only does the bus service get people to work, it also takes many disabled and sick people to hospitals and doctors appointments.

Board members were forced to make these cuts because millions of dollars once available to the agency are no longer an option.

MacNeil said he has been going to city and county governments that the P.D.R.T.A. caters to, asking them to help fill the financial void. MacNeil said if those local municipalities were able to chip in, some routes would be able to continue.

"The residual impacts the economy and the region, because of disconnect to people from jobs, to shopping destinations, and medical appointments," said MacNeil.

People like Clara Johnson depend on the bus service to get her to work every day. "It's dependable, it's convenient. Without me not having my own car right now, it would be very hard for me to get to work right now," said Johnson.

The public transportation service is expecting to function at only 30 percent of its current force by April.

P.D.R.T.A administration is currently waiting to hear back from local municipalities to see how they can help to continue providing service to the thousands of people in the PEE DEE.

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