After fire destroys his home, man loses wedding rings just months before wedding

Couples' wedding rings lost in fire
Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Keefer
Photo Courtesy of Nicholas Keefer

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF)- Today was the first time Nick Mazzola was able to walk back through what is left of his home in Windsor Green.  He lived there for three years and plans on getting married in just over two months, so he hoped he would find his wedding rings he purchased last week.

Mazzola said just about the only thing left from the fire was a fire proof safe he purchased a few months ago.

"The only thing from my building that survived was the safe," Said Mazzola.  "The front cover was completely ripped off and gone."

Mazzola said he found some burned cash, his passport, and the bags and boxes he bought the rings in.

"The bags that I had purchased from the store were there and inside the bags were the boxes that the rings were in," Mazzola said.  "When I took the box out and I opened the box up both of the bands were gone."

It was a devastating sight, Mazzola said.

"The bags were closed, the boxes were closed, there's no way it could've just fallen out."

Mazzola said he does not expect to find the rings and telling his fiancé the news was one of the hardest parts.

"She was devastated and crying obviously and I keep reminding her that we have our health we survived,"  Said Mazzola.  "Nobody was killed that's the most important thing that no human lives were lost."

As for the wedding this May, Mazzola said it is still going on as planned.

"We're moving forward we're not going to let this stop us," Said Mazzola.  "We're set for May 11."

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