Urn of late husband's ashes found in Windsor Green

Woman finds husband's urn

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Though the Carolina Forest Fire left the residents in 26 buildings of Windsor Green temporarily homeless, one woman found something in the rubble to help piece her life back together.

It was her husband's remains in an urn.

"I couldn't believe it when they brought it to me," exclaimed Bonde Rey, former resident of Windsor Green. "I had to like begin moving the soot off of it and stuff to see if that's a piece of it or what. And finally when I saw the engraving on the bottom edge of it, I was like 'oh my God that's it!'"

Ms. Rey says firemen with Horry County Fire Rescue found the urn among the charred remains of her apartment building. The fireproof urn - containing the remains of her husband who passes away two years ago - was badly damaged by the heat or fallen debris. But she was able to recognize it, and her heart leapt with joy.

"It's like the end of the fire to me now. I don't care. Whatever else is in there it doesn't matter.  This is just awesome. I would have been fine without it too, but it's really awesome that they did find it," Ms. Rey explains.

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