Fire victims still waiting to sift through debris

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) – The palm trees are still charred, and the smell of smoke lingers in the air as the owners and renters of the Windsor Green Complex wait to be allowed to sift through their properties after Saturday's massive fire.

For two days, crews have been going through the rubble, first looking for human or animal remains, and also any valuables left behind.

A&I Fire and Water Restoration representatives anticipate allowing families who have been waiting to see their damaged homes, back in on Wednesday,

Pat Blalock turned up on Tuesday hoping to see the damage done to her and her daughters' vehicles, "they want to keep people safe and they want the area safe before people can get in there. It's frustrating but I do understand why." Blalock went on to add she thinks she might not find anything of her possessions among the rubble.

Todd Setzer with A & I Fire and Water Restoration said some valuables have been recovered, but not much, "a part of the stuff that has been recovered was in lock boxes, and fire-proof safes. There are a few coin collections, and memorabilia from the tenants."

For many still waiting to be allowed back to their properties, it is a long process they are expecting to have to go through.

Pete Kavanaugh owns two properties at the complex. He was waiting for his insurance agent to come assess the damage to one of his properties which was a total loss. "I was down at (Hurricane) Katrina with the Red Cross so I'm pretty aware with this process. Benchmark is doing a great job and A & I is on top of it so I think its going to be slow but everyone is doing a good job. "

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