How firefighters are impacted when called to duty

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) – First responders are a group often impacted by fires, like the one in Carolina Forest on Saturday.

Christopher Gallton is a counselor helping victims cope after losing everything. Gallton said people often forget about the emotions firefighters experience after fires. Gallton has been counseling victims of horrific accidents for more than 40 years. He said in his years of experience, Firefighters often experience feelings of guilt and anger.

"We're all human," said Jeremy Carter, Fire Marshall for the Conway Police Department. "There are times with our emotions after an incident that we need to discuss what we've seen or what's happening."

Carter said for tragic events, firefighters often go through a debriefing, during which time they can open up and talk about the emotional stress of their job. He spoke about some of the initial actions that take place when fire crews arrive to any scene. "Every situation starts with a scene size up- you see what you have, "he continued.

Carter said if a rescue is needed, a plan is immediately put into action to save the victim or victims. Next, fire crews look for water sources and determine if their team has enough man-power to handle the fire.

Gallton said the community can help firefighters though the emotional aspect of their job by always thanking them, and showing support whenever they can.

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