Displaced victims of Carolina Forest fire cope with loss

Residents prepare to return to homes following fire

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Dozens of residents in Windsor Green are now displaced by a massive brush fire that spread to damage and destroy 26 buildings in the complex

Those displaced are at an evacuation center set up at Ocean Bay Middle School. Carloads of people showed up at the school with the stark realization that they have lost everything.

"We lost everything," said Lee Krone. "It's all gone now: Pictures, computers, golf clubs was in the van, we lost the van. So, we're going to survive it." Lee and Louis Krone said they have each other, but they are still trying to process how 15 years of memories in their Windsor Green condo went up in minutes.

"The whole building was in flame," Krone added. The only think you could see were the rafters.  It was burning that fast."

"I kept hearing explosions," said Sandy Wallace, another evacuee. "I don't know if it was the transformers blowing a few streets back or what, but I just knew I needed to get out."

Tom Dendy, a pastor at the Celebration Presbyterian Church said a few families in his congregation are among those who need shelter.

"More than ever, in times like this, how much you need a community around you, a church family around you, and folks you can count on," he said.

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