Housing Authority hopes cameras will shed light on crime

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – One of Conway's most crime-ridden neighborhoods is taking a step to getting a little bit safer by setting up surveillance cameras. But some people who live in Huckabee Heights say they're already hearing rumors those cameras may be a target.

"These gentlemen were across the road talking about shooting," said one neighbor. "Then they mentioned cameras."

Other neighbors say they've also heard rumors some people plan on shooting the newly installed surveillance cameras in the housing project and say they are convinced it's going to happen.

"They shoot out lights," the neighbor said. "They replaced one just up the road from me that was out from a shooting."

Authorities in the Conway Police Department say even if the cameras are attacked, they're built to take some abuse. They'll continue to record up to the point they're destroyed, and can provide valuable evidence in the process.

"It's an additional set of eyes in the community," said Conway Police Chief Reggie Gosnell, "Particularly where these are placed they'll be more successful in deterring and displacing crime."

The Conway Housing Authority has a strict one-strike eviction policy to maintain safety and order in the area. But in order to evict a tenant suspected of criminal activity, the Housing Authority Executive Director Sherry Joyner says her office has to have a police report from Conway Police. Now, these cameras may be able to provide officers with more evidence for an investigation.

"They can identify a problem area and move an occupant out," said Chief Gosnell.

The Conway Housing Authority is also installing cameras in Darden Terrace and Lee Haven Apartments.

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