End of off-season brings more foot traffic to Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Business is picking up at the beach ahead of tourist season, but local business-owners say that compared to past years, visitors seem to be sticking to a tighter budget.

This is a very important time for businesses at the beach, because we're getting closer to the tourist season, and right now, we're seeing plenty of spring breakers and Canadians along Ocean Boulevard, and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce says it's just in time.

"This time of the year, some of the businesses have been closed and are just starting to reopen, or just gearing up and getting ready for summer, so it's a good time of the year to have them down," says Mary Mroz, with the Chamber. "We know they are trying to escape cold weather and the snow and they can come here."

But even though the area is seeing the foot traffic, it doesn't mean the money is rolling in. A few businesses say that while they are seeing more people, they aren't buying that much right now.

One business that sells tickets to attractions told us in the past, people would come to the Grand Strand and see three or four shows, but now they're sticking to a tighter budget.

"They may just do one show," say Peter Conti, who sells tickets to shows in the area. "They ask a bunch of questions about what show they're interested in, is it good for the family, and just do that one."

Business-owners say at the very least, they're considering themselves out of the off-season, since they're noticing a boost in business since spring break and Can Am started.

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