$4 million going to Florence District One schools

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) – Florence District One will use grant money to enhance students' learning experience. The No Child Left Behind Act will provide more than $4 million to Florence District One.

Assistant Superintendent Randy Koon said the money from this grant has a huge impact on the district every year.

The No Child Left Behind Act provides funding in three categories; Title One, Title Two and Title Three. Each title has limits on what the district can use the money for. Koon said he would like the public's opinion on how the money will be spent.

In July, the district plans to take some of the money and hire 40 to 50 new teachers. Koon said more teachers are needed to reduce the student- to - teacher ratio in each classroom. District leaders say they would like a maximum of 20 kids in each class.

Koon added the district is looking into adding more technology to the classroom with items like ipods, ipads and smart boards.

"Children now seem to have to be entertained more to keep their attention. It's a hand on, where they have something they can put in their hands. It will keep them occupied and keep their attention on that object. It really has worked out well," Said Koon

Under the Title One, funding is also allocated toward parenting. Florence District One Educates over 60 families. Each is taught how to prepare their two-year-olds for their future education in the district.

Parents say the opportunity to learn to be better parents is amazing.

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