Gas tax hike could hurt wallet but fix roads

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – South Carolinians are not the biggest fans of raising taxes, but a proposed tax hike on gasoline could provide a solution to the states' ailing roads.

"We're 47 in the nation for gas taxes," said Nancy Cave with the Coastal Conservation League. "Everyone is acknowledging our roads are deteriorating."

Revenue generated by gas taxes help fund and provide maintenance for road and bridge repair. Lower gas taxes mean less money for repairs. The proposed tax hike could raise taxes by at least $0.10 per-gallon.

"The longer we wait to fix our roads, the more expensive it gets," Cave continued.

The tax hike is supposed to target tourists and out-of-state truckers who travel through the Palmetto State, but don't pay its taxes. Unfortunately, it would also affect anyone who needs to fill up their car, and some South Carolinians say the tax isn't a good thing.

"I think it's ridiculous," said motorist Rina King. "The roads don't get fixed the way they should anyway, so what's the point in taxing us more?"

This is not the first tax hike proposed by South Carolina legislators. Cave says a gas tax hike is one of the simplest ways to generate revenue, so this probably is not the last proposed tax hike the Palmetto State will see, either.

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