Cracking down on spring break crime

Spring breakers

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - From theft to public intoxication, incidents involving spring breakers are starting to slowly creep up, according to North Myrtle Beach officials.

"We're seeing disorderly conduct, property damage, all the nuisance types of crimes and meddling in the streets," said Lieutenant Sean Downey.

Beginning this week through the first week in April, North Myrtle Beach has a special team of officers on hand to solely address the influx of partiers. The city has teamed up with Horry CAST to educate students on what can happen when they drink, so they'll be out and about not only educating students, but enforcing the law.

Just because it's spring break, doesn't mean students will catch a break. Downey says spring breakers who violate the law will be treated like any other citizen.

"They'll be issued a court date, which you can get a bench trial, or a jury trial, or they will offer pre-trial intervention, which a lot of students like to take advantage of, because it provides for them to get their record expunged," said Downey.

Pre-trial intervention is offered to first-time offenders and requires students to take community service which can be arranged through their home state. Ultimately, North Myrtle Beach hopes students heed the warnings before it leads to an arrest.

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