New TSA rules to allow small knives onboard

Source: TSA
Source: TSA

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Transportation Security Administration announced a change to its prohibited items list, according to their recent news release. Airline passengers will soon get the "all clear" to carry items like small bats and small knives onto planes beginning April 25.

The new change is raising eyebrows among flyers. "I think it's silly that they would allow those thing and you can't bring a full bottle of shampoo," said Carol Cook of New York.

TSA explains the changes are meant to beef up airport security. The changes are part of an overall risk-based security approach, which allows TSA Officers to better focus their efforts on finding higher threat items like explosives.

According to the TSA, there are restrictions placed on the type of knife that will be allowed. The knife's blade must be 2.36 inches or shorter and less then a half inch wide. Also, the blade cannot be fixed or locked into place. TSA says razor blades and box cutters are still prohibited.

There are also a few sporting equipment pieces to get the carry-on green-light. TSA will now allow small bats. The bat must be 24 inches or less or weigh no more than 24 ounces, and any bat longer than 24 inches must weigh less than 24 ounces. Pool sticks, ski poles, hockey sticks,  lacrosse sticks and golf clubs will also be allowed. Golf clubs will be limited to two per passenger.

If a passenger is unsure whether an item meets all of the requirements, TSA recommends that the item be placed in checked luggage. Some say these items only belong inside of checked luggage.

"What are you going to do  on board with any kind of a knife, clean your finger nails?" questioned Larry Hillard of Myrtle Beach.

"They should just still eliminate the allowance of knives. To me that can be considered a weapon," added Cook.

For more information on TSA's changes to the Prohibited Items List, visit the agency's web site.

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