Consider This: CCU Emergency Alert System

Coastal Carolina University experienced a tragedy when a student was shot to death on campus. It's something we hope and pray would never happen. So what can we learn to help prevent it from happening again?

Consider This:

Based on the information we have today, CCU did a good job alerting students about a safety issue on campus. Text alerts were sent out. The school was put on lockdown and the emergency call system worked as planned.

The one thing that deserves more evaluation is why the school resumed normal operations the next morning even though the shooter or shooters were not captured. How could school officials be certain there was no more danger?

When a tragedy happens it creates an opportunity to review safety procedures to see what worked, what didn't and ways to improve going forward.  That's what needs to happen now at Coastal. God forbid another incident occurs, but if it does CCU should be better prepared to quickly activate its plan of action and provide a safe environment for its students.

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