Sequestration impacts Grand Strand air travel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Federal budget cuts are taking their toll on an airport in the Grand Strand.

Back in February, a blog post on the US Department of Transportation's website set out to explain how automatic budget cuts from sequestration could impact air travel across the nation by closing some air traffic control offices and cutting back the hours for employees in others.

The Department of Transportation said these closures will "impact services for commercial, general aviation, and military aircraft. They will delay travelers and delay the critical goods and services that communities around the country need. They are harmful cuts with real world consequences that will cost jobs and hurt our economy."

Now those fears have become a reality. A document released from the Department of Transportation on March 22 listed the Grand Strand Airport in North MYrtle Beach as one of the 149 FAA contract towers that has will be forced to close.

Two other facilities in South Carolina - the Hilton Head Airport and Donaldson Center in Greenville will also be affected.

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