Consider This: Your Opinion

We've received quite a bit of feedback on recent editorials and today we'll share your comments on two of those topics.

South Carolina providing one year of free credit monitoring for people whose information may have been stolen prompted Marie to write, "One year is a joke. We didn't create the problem." And Victoria agrees, calling out the Governor: "What she offers those whose credit has been compromised is tantamount to her cutting funding for rape crisis centers. Gov. Haley does not care about South Carolinians, except in October and November."

The push to change flow control is a divisive issue. Robert says, "Flow control works and locals want it. But do we stand a chance against waste companies who are among the biggest contributors to the people in Columbia?"

Kari counters, "Flow control is nothing less than a government monopoly. The Solid Waste Authority can charge whatever they want because they have no competition. That's no more right than if the county tells you where to order supplies or that you as an individual have to eat at restaurants in your county only. I know that may seem trivial but that's what it is on a much larger scale."

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