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Ex-SC Gov. Sanford mentions mistakes in 1st TV ad

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Former Gov. Mark Sanford does not shy away from the scandal that consumed the end of his second term in his first television ad for the 1st District congressional race.

Sanford starts the 30-second advertisement pointing out he fought to cut government spending and reduce debt. He then says he recently learned that no one goes through life without mistakes. He thanks what he calls "a God of second chances" for making him a better person. He ends by saying he "humbly" asks for votes.

In the middle of his second term, Sanford headed to Argentina to see his mistress without telling anyone in government. It led to his divorce.

Sanford is one of 16 candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the open seat.


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  • Ex-SC Gov. Sanford mentions mistakes in 1st TV ad
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