Teen has seizure-like reaction to unidentified substance

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - Teens experimenting with what is believed to be synthetic marijuana at a high school were transported to a hospital for medical treatment, said Horry County Schools spokeswoman Teal Britton.

The teens attend Socastee High School. There were two males and two females involved, and Britton says the first sign of something wrong was when a female student starting showing signs of what a staff member thought was seizure-like symptoms.

One boy and one girl were taken to the hospital. The 17-year-old male student who brought the substance to school was released to a parent, and the other girl fled on foot. Charges against the students are pending, Britton says and police confirmed, based on what the substance is determined to be.

Horry County Police spokesman Sgt. Robert Kegler says the substance has been seized for testing by SLED, and results may come back as soon as next week.

Kegler says they searched for the student that fled, not to press charges, merely to ensure her well being. When she was found about an hour later she appeared to be okay.

As of Friday night, it was still unclear how the students got ahold of the substance.

Britton said all four students will definitely face disciplinary action within the school, but could also face legal charges once it's discovered what was in the substance.

Sgt. Kegler confirmed the students were smoking the substance, which is prohibited on school grounds.

As Anchor Michael Maely uncovered in a recent special report, several of these 'legal weed' products on the market are just that - legal. Though the packages clearly state they are not intended for human consumption, they are marketing to teenagers and are known to cause serious health issues and even death.

You can watch both parts of that extensive investigation on wmbfnews.com: 'Legal weed' still on market to teens

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