China Buffet gets ready for round 2 with DHEC

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – New China Buffet in Surfside Beach promises 120 items. This week a Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) inspector stopped by and checked out the spot where all that food is prepped and cooked.

During the routine inspection the inspector found 11 violations.

There was one critical violation. According to the report, the water pressure pump was broken. A broken pump means dirty water could potentially contaminate clean water. The problem was fixed on the spot.

The report goes on to show the inspector found several dirty spots in the kitchen, like the food fryer, refrigerator shelves, sections of the kitchen floor and walls, and the ceiling lights. There were a couple of maintenance related issues with the hand sink and drain board. The inspector also noted food items and utensils were improperly stored.

New China scored an 80, a low 'B' rating according to DHEC's scale. DHEC will return next week for a follow up inspection. New China's manager says they've fixed all the issues the inspector found, they have retrained employees to meet DHEC's standards and says they'll be ready for the follow-up.

Spring Garden in Myrtle Beach just reopened for the season and they were greeted by a health inspection.

"It went pretty well. I've been cleaning all winter," said head cook Jerome Meyers was there when the inspector founds some violations.

"There was only a few of them," said Meyers.

The report shows the inspector found some dirty spots on the ceiling, floor, and on one of the shelves. Another violation was cited for improperly storing a wash cloth.  Spring Garden scored a 95, an 'A' rating. Meyers says he took care of all the missed spots.

"Been at it all the time. This isn't my first rodeo."

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