Consider This: Flow Control

Here we go again… instead of allowing local counties to make local decisions, some state leaders are trying to manage county efforts from Columbia. This time, it's about trash.

Consider This: Flow control is working in Horry County. Prices for managing the waste stream are reasonable and the current system also helps support recycling and emergency 911 services.

Opponents of flow control, however, are not giving up the fight. In fact, they have even taken their campaign to the legal system… but so far the courts have sided with the local solid waste authority.

So with that legal defeat it's back to Columbia where several Horry County state representatives are pushing to change the law. Fortunately, several members of the South Carolina Senate oppose that House plan which means the legislation could once again die due to inaction.

The courts have said flow control is legal and there is insufficient support to change the law. It's a local decision that should remain local. It's time to stop pushing to fix a problem that doesn't exist and focus on more important issues.