White House launches College Scorecard to help students

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It is that time of year when some high school seniors make their final decisions on where they will be spending the next four years.

It can be hard to know exactly how much college is going to cost you by the time you factor in the cost of tuition, graduation rates, and the amount of money you might need in student loans.

To help make the college choice a little easier, today the White House launched its "College Scorecard", an interactive online tool that breaks colleges down into different categories.

"The costs, the graduation rates, the loan default rates, median borrowing and employment rates," said Greg Thornburg with Enrollment Services at Coastal Carolina University. "Those are very important things to be concerned about when they choose their college."

However, Thornburg said the idea of breaking colleges down into categories is not a new concept. He said there a many ranking sites for universities on the internet.

"What the white house is essentially doing is providing an outlet for that," added Thornburg.  "There's just so many different rankings out there so students really need to investigate what college has the major that they want and tour the college to visit and get a feel for it."

Thornburg looked at CCU on the College Scorecard interactive web site; he said while the categories give the university a good overview, he said some of the numbers did not add up, especially when it came to average tuition.

"It's too high for just tuition and it's too low for tuition fees, room and board, and books," said Thornburg. "So again you need to be careful when you are looking on any of those sites on what you're actually looking at."

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