No new water park coming to North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One Grand Strand town is missing out on thousands of visitors and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax money after plans hit a road block in North Myrtle Beach.

Back in June of 2012 WMBF News first told viewers about a proposed water park anticipated to be placed inside the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex, but the water park has since been canceled.

The $26 million water park was projected to bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors and approximately $300,000 of tax money into the City or North Myrtle Beach.

The water park was set to have 10 attractions similar to that of Wild Water & Wheels and Myrtle Waves both in Myrtle Beach, but the deal between the developer and the city fell through.

City leaders haven't hear from those developers, Global Attractions Development and Management, in months according to Public Information Officer Patrick Dowling.

"During negotiations we asked for a letter of commitment from their bank or supplier and we never did see that letter and at that point we had to end negotiations because we needed a certified letter of commitment from whoever would finance the park to know tax payers aren't liable for whatever may happen in a negative way down the road should the park not be a success," explains Dowling.

Dowling did say the group was interested in developing a large plot of land, "the last time we talked with the group was they were maybe looking for a larger parcel of land in the 20 acres range somewhere adjacent to our park and sports complex or at least with in North Myrtle Beach but we have not heard anything along those lines for a couple of months now."

While currently no new water park has been set to be developed in North Myrtle Beach, it has been suggested one would do well with visitors traveling from North Myrtle and points west of Horry County.

WMBF News did reach out to the CEO of Global Attractions Development and Management, but haven't heard back concerning the development of the water park.

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