Motel on the Boulevard to be torn down

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Big changes are happening along a stretch of prime real estate in the Grand Strand. Over the last six months, two historical buildings on Ocean Boulevard were torn down and now new attractions are underway. Next on deck for demolition is the Beverly Motel.

New Beverly Motel owner Victor Shaman says he and his business partners are considering different options for the soon-to-be vacant lot. One plan in discussion is to divide the property in half: a parking lot on one side and space for retail on the other. Shaman says this would only be temporary.

The Beverly Motel opened in the early 1970's.  Shaman says moving forward with a tear-down was not an easy decision to make, and considered renovating the old motel. Ultimately, he says, demolition would be best for the property and could even benefit the city.

David Sebok with the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation says this latest demolition project is a win for the Boulevard.

"These properties, they're 50 years old," Sebok says. "They just haven't been able to keep up with changing customer demands. This is a good sign and I expect to see more of it happening in the next year or two."

A couple of months ago, the old Hoffman Candy Shop, further north on the Boulevard, was demolished. A new candy store, "I Love Sugar," is being built, and owner Bill Prescott says it will open up in time for the summer season. The Chesterfield Inn also recently came down and "Shark Attack," an ocean front mini golf course, is in the final phase of construction. Owner Kyle Mitchell says they have pushed back the opening day from Valentine's Day weekend to March 1.

Shaman is waiting on a demolition permit from DHEC. If given the approval, he will have to apply for a demolition permit with the City of Myrtle Beach. Shaman says it could still be at least a month before the Beverly Motel is torn down.

In the meantime, Shaman is working with Sebok and his team to find a suitable, more permanent opportunity for the space.

The space could be home to anything from "accommodations, to commercial, to retail, to entertainment attractions," Sebok says. "There are a variety of options that could go there."

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