Consider This: Air Service

New air service is coming to the Grand Strand. That's good news for the community as a newly expanded airport, with much more capacity, is ready to come on line.

Consider This: Unless you're traveling to Canada the new service might not seem like good news. However, if you live in Canada, and you're looking for an affordable vacation getaway, this is great news. Which means it is good news for golf courses, hotels and restaurants… our #1 industry… tourism.

Like it or not, MYR has a very slim chance of recruiting an airline like Jet Blue and Southwest because we don't have the business traveler to support that service. We're a tourist destination and air service that targets the leisure traveler is what we're going to get. Even though we locals might not get the best air travel options, it's because of these visitors that we get to enjoy the many amenities that other communities our size can only dream about.