New Law may cut North Carolina unemployment benefits

Robeson County, South Carolina (WMBF News)- North Carolina lawmakers could soon pass a law that would limit the maximum amount of money that an unemployed applicant can receive.

The bill that North Carolina lawmakers have already passed in the senate is aimed at reducing the 2.6 billion dollar debt the state owes.

Some of the money  used to relieve North Carolina's debt could come out of the state's unemployment benefits.

"Like I said it's something that they need to take a whole lot of time and effort to really learn what's going on before they make these drastic changes," said Peggy Davis, Services Manager of the Robeson County Job Link.

Davis told WMBF News that not only will this change the amount of money given to the unemployed, it will take away some of the educational programming that Job Link offers.

Job Link is a state funded program ran thought the state's unemployment office. This program gives the unemployed a chance to learn skills that will introduce them back into the work force. Job Link offers computer training and on the job training.

Davis said some good could come out of the new bill, but it's yet to be seen. This is all because the bill is still in early stages of development.

People like Tameka Grissett said the state should try to find a different way of balancing its budget.

"We're sort of like in a recession. I have three kids and so it's kind of hard when you have three kids to support," said Grisset.

Tomorrow a regional meeting will be held to shed light on the upcoming possible changes to North Carolina's unemployment system. As of now, Robeson County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, which stands at 12.7 percent.

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