Changes to emergency message system after school bomb threats in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) –  After a December bomb threat  forced hundreds of students to evacuate some Myrtle Beach area schools, the Horry County School District said some parents were confused when they came to pick up their kids. To avoid any future problems, the school district is streamlining its emergency notification process.

Monday night a series of messages, phone calls, and texts went out to parents notifying them of the way the new message system would work.

"The Myrtle Beach area principals met recently to discuss the use of ParentLink to notify parents of incidents that happen at school," Said Myrtle Beach High School Principal Nona Kerr as she read the message.  "If the incident does not involve MBHS at all, we do not anticipate a need to contact you."

The second part of that message is part of the revamping of the notification system.  Teal Britton with the Horry County School system said the notification changes will only affect parents who have kids in one of the five Myrtle Beach schools off Robert Grissom Parkway.

Britton said that group of schools is unique because the schools are so close to one another, which can cause some confusion with parents when there is an emergency at one school and not at the others.  So from now on, parents will only be notified of an emergency when it specifically involves their child's school.

"If you're school is having an incident and we need to reach you we are going to do that," Said Britton.  "If it doesn't involve your child and doesn't involve your child's school and there's no reason to alarm you we're not going to alarm you by sending a message that doesn't involve us."

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