Business changes hands while owner awaits trial

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach business is changing hands while its previous owner awaits a trial on Federal drug charges.

"We'll try to work this location and see what we can do," said Nadim Baroody. Baroody has taken over a property on 21st Avenue North that used to belong to Matthew Rublowitz, or "Fat Matt," who was arrested in a DEA sweep last July.

Baroody has changed the name to Brant's Burgers, after a popular Myrtle Beach burger stand from decades ago. While he hadn't followed the case against Rublowitz, he says Fat Matt sold the entire property, equipment and all.

"We got it about six months ago," Baroody said. "This all came with it."

Matthew Rublowitz and several other members of his family were arrested last summer during the climax of a 4 year long narcotics investigation.

DEA agents arrested the family members on the suspicion they had flown to New Jersey to collect hundreds of thousands of narcotic pain pills, and distributed them throughout Myrtle Beach.

Calls to the Clerk of Courts in New Jersey indicated the case had not yet gone to trial, but had four continuations filed for the trial.

The latest continuation indicates a plea deal may be in the works between the Rublowitz family and prosecutors.

The fourth continuation terminates on March 12.

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