Elizabeth Smart heads initiative to educate, support women

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Carolinas Hospital Systems kicked off its new program Healthy Woman by hosting Elizabeth Smart at the Florence Darlington Technical College.

Healthy Woman is a program designed to educate and support women in making health decisions for themselves as well as their families.

According to Costa Cockfield Chief Nursing Officer of Carolina's Hospital, women are considered the health managers in the family. Cockfield says women have a heavy influence on health care for America's families.

"We're here to promote good health. We have a great Healthy Woman advisory council that we formed. And we will be bringing educational events quarterly to the communities that we serve," said Cockfield.

Part of the mission of Healthy Woman is to empower women with confidence and education to make health care decisions for themselves and loved ones. Confidence and empowerment is something Elizabeth Smart knows well.

"She's young I think she's got such a message to share we wanted to have her as our keynote speaker," said Cockfield.

Smart was kidnapped from her Utah home when she was only 14 years old. She described those nine months in captivity as very fearful. She added she is grateful for the kidnapping because it has given her the opportunity to speak into the lives of countless people.

Smart said that what Carolina's Hospital is doing is empowering and that she is glad to be a part of it.

"You do not let the past stand in your way. You don't let who you are or what's happen to you hold you back in anyway," said Smart.

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