SCDOT admits roadways need work

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF)-  When it comes to South Carolina roadways SCDOT said it's aware some of the state's roads need some work. WMBF News visited several of those roads to find out how bad the potholes really are.

"The SCDOT is not managing the deterioration of the roads here in South Carolina," said George Vereen.

Vereen said that's the type of response he has heard from citizens regarding South Carolina roadways. As Chairman of the Horry County Transportation Cabinet, Vereen said to hear South Carolinians feel that way is disheartening.

According to Vereen, there are four different entities that own South Carolina's roads. State, county, city and a few are owned privately

Vereen and his committee decide which Horry County roads need work.

"I understand about 45 percent of the roads in South Carolina are in poor condition. Thirty five percent are in fair condition, that leaves 20 percent that are ok," Vereen said.

The state uses a formula to figure out how much money each county gets to use on roads. It all begins with the amount of gas that is pumped in the state monthly. Each county receives a little less than three percent of the money generated by the state's gas tax. The Transportation committee in each county then decides which roads get funding for repair.

Service manager of C&G Auto Barry Abrams said he sees the need for car repairs often as a direct result of potholes in Myrtle Beach.

"We occur a lot of front end damage, lower ball joints, upper ball joints, tie rod ends. Those are the kinds of things you occur when you drive on rough roads every day," Abrams said.

According to Vereen, South Carolina has 41,429 miles of roadway. That makes South Carolina number four in the nation when it comes to the most miles of road. Vereen said South Carolina has a lot of roadway to fix with only a little cash.

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