What happened to Red Harvest? New details on a major operation.

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Operation Red Harvest made major waves in April 2012, when a multi-jurisdictional police operation netted 32 suspects in a massive drug raid. But now, it's the end of January 2013, and there's been little new information in the case.

"We're going through that file now," said 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson. "That was a case that took quite a while to put together."

Solicitor Richardson says Operation: Red Harvest differs from other cases in his office because of its sheer size. Not only are the 32 suspects facing drug charges, but there are also dozens of counts of conspiracy, assault, and kidnapping. Some of those charges could net bigger sentences than drug charges, so Richardson says they have evaluate each one.

"There are parts you won't be able to do anything with," he said. "But Red Harvest, when you cast such a big net, you're going to bring in a lot of stuff you don't want."

But attorneys connected to the defense say that isn't the whole story. Due to the sensitivity of the case, they asked to stay anonymous, but said they've had difficulty getting some important information from the prosecution and say some charges don't match up with evidence recovered.

But even with the sheer size of Operation: Red Harvest, Solicitor Richardson says it isn't the top priority for his office right now. The operation, which was executed under his predecessor Greg Hembree, was concerned with the growth and distribution of marijuana.

Solicitor Richardson says right now his office and the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit are working on preventing the flow of more dangerous drugs into the county.

"The bigger focus for the DEU is heroin," he said.

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