UFOs Over Florida?

(WBBH)  The strange and unexplained filled the skies over Cape Coral, Florida this weekend.

"I never saw anything like that before," remarked Pete Maccio.

Maccio, who lives in Cape Coral, said he saw bizarre lights flicker this weekend in the early morning off the South Cape.

"They were small lights that hovered over the water at slow sleep and then they disappeared," said Maccio.

He and others speculate the unidentified flying objects seen high above the yacht club could be alien life forms.

The Mutual UFO network, which tracks suspicious sightings, says many recent reports could be explained by sky lanterns.

The increasingly popular contraption uses hot air to float high into the sky.

At Fort Myers' American Discount Firework, store owner Chris Whited told us when he first saw one from a far took a second look.

"They're going to think this is a UFO," said Whited. "It will get to where it's a pen prick of light because of the distance and height."