Consider This: The North Eastern Strategic Alliance

Do you know what NESA is? Senator Yancey McGill is the chairman of the executive board of this organization and recently shared an editorial with media across the state. Since most of the counties involved in the North Eastern Strategic Alliance are part of the WMBF coverage area, I thought you might find the senator's comments interesting.

Consider This from Senator McGill: NESA, founded nearly 10 years ago, is helping people in the area get back to work through a variety of means. Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Georgetown, Horry, Marlboro, Marion and Williamsburg counties all fall under the umbrella of the NESA region.

NESA was formed so those counties, instead of competing for industry, would work together to create a unified business environment throughout the region. NESA takes the advantages each county has to offer, whether it's workforce, transportation, land, or just a can-do attitude, and blends them into a more appetizing proposition for expanding and new businesses.

NESA markets the assets of the region both nationally and internationally. That's why I feel NESA's work is very important to the region. Senator McGill, NESA makes sense, and NESA works. More importantly, it helps to create jobs so the people of Northeast South Carolina can work as well.