Senators: SC restructuring bill fast-tracked

SC State Senate Chambers, Courtesy Billy Hathorn
SC State Senate Chambers, Courtesy Billy Hathorn

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Lawmakers insist they've fast-tracked a government restructuring bill, even as Gov. Nikki Haley criticizes what she calls a stalling tactic.

Senators agreed Tuesday to send the legislation through the Senate Finance Committee, a week after the chamber's Judiciary Committee advanced it to the floor.

But senators also set Feb. 20 for debate, saying the rare move simultaneously guarantees the measure won't get stuck in committee and receives priority status.

The bill breaks up the Budget and Control Board and puts many of its bureaucratic duties in a new agency in the governor's Cabinet. Advocates worried putting it through the finance committee would be a death sentence.

But Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman says that's not his intention. He says his committee needs to study financial aspects.

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