Budget on the agenda at Horry County School Board meeting

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -  Finances were up for discussion at Monday's Horry County School Board of Education meeting.

Board members focused on the 2011/2012 annual financial audit, and according to the board chair, it's good news for the district, which means good news when it comes to resources for children in Horry County.

Shanekia Hemingway's two children will start school in the Horry County School District in the next couple of years, and she says there are a few things she's looking for in a school.

Hearing impaired classes and great teachers are what parent Shanekia Hemingway says is most important to her when it comes to choosing a school for her children.

"Good budgets mean good school books, and good technology," Hemingway says.

Great teachers, resources, access to after-school programs, and quality facilities are things most parents want for their children, but federal funding can sometimes stifle things.

Board Chair Joe Defeo says the Horry County School District has been working with federally-funded levels from back in 1995. He says despite that, the district has managed to stay afloat and will continue to do so thanks to fiscal responsibility in the past.  He says the district mandates a $30 million in the reserve funds, and recently approved a new allocation formula that will save them nearly $3 million. He says they also always look toward the future.

"We are always looking ahead over the next few years so that we are not hit and surprised by anything," DeFeo says.

"The fact that we have enough money to operate on for the first three months of the year, before the tax money comes in, saves us millions, and saves the taxpayers millions of dollars of years," he says.

That's good news for parents like Hemingway who can rest assured knowing that her children will get what they need.

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