City of Florence accepts cardboard at curbside

Effective immediately the City of Florence will now accept cardboard with our curbside recycling program. Please follow these guidelines for cardboard collection:

  • Cardboard must be completely flattened and cut down to fit in your green recycling bin (reduced in size to pieces no larger than 14" x 20") in order to be accepted as recycling.
  • All packing material must be removed including any glued on styrofoam liners (Styrofoam and plastic are not accepted).
  • For disposal of large quantities of cardboard, you may flatten and bundle (making sure to tie or tape the bundle) and place on top of or next to the recycling bin.Securing cardboard will prevent it from being scattered in the yard or along the street. Resident is responsible for making sure cardboard is contained for collection.
  • Cardboard must be dry and clean (no food residue) for collection.
  • Cardboard collection will also include cereal boxes, and waxed cardboard (milk/juice cartons)
  • Note: Cardboard is required to be prepared using these guidelines for acceptance in the City's curbside recycling collection.

    Large quantities of cardboard may also be taken to one of the County's recycling centers. Visit for a listing of Florence County recycling drop sites.