Are You A Multitasker? Think Again

(KSL) - Sending an e-mail while in a meeting. Talking on the phone in the car. Multitasking seems like the norm these days. But a new study from the University of Utah says, literally, hold the phone.

Far less than you would think are actually good at doing more than one thing at a time. The problem, according to the study, is that even though most of us can't multitask effectively, the majority of us believe we do.

"We're trying to go beyond the typical crash data you get from the some of the accident analysis that you get at the federal level and understand something about the person," said lead author David Strayer.

The art of multitasking is considered a plus on most resumes. Doing it well can make you extremely valuable to a company or business. The majority of us do it every day in a car. But Strayer has this art form down to a science.