Tax returns to be delayed, experts say go ahead and file now

MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - It's that time of year when many of you start filing your taxes so you can get your refund early. The only problem? This year you are going to have to wait longer to see the cash.

"This year unlike any other year," Said Ron Manley with Liberty Tax Service. "The IRS has delayed the whole process."

Manley is referring to the delayed start to the 2013 tax filing season set up through the IRS. This year the filing season is starting more than a week after the IRS had originally planned.

"We think it's because of the Fiscal Cliff legislation it got delayed ," Manley said. "Now they say they will open for full e-filing around January 30."

One of the biggest reasons the refunds will be delayed stems from the American Taxpayer Relief Act, which is the formal name for the deal Congress made to avoid the Fiscal Cliff. That deal included new changes to tax laws, which required the IRS to make some changes on paperwork and instructions.

Many said the Jan. 30 date is when the IRS will start to process early filings. He said people should go ahead and file early to get in line.

"People can still do all the preparations they can get them in the system and get them filed," Manley said.

You can file your taxes on paper and online, however, the IRS said there is no advantage to filing on paper before the start date. The IRS also stated that taxpayers will receive their refunds much faster by using the online filing system.

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