How to stay safe on icy roads, slushy streets

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – One of the biggest safety issues this winter will be the potential for icy roads. The number of crashes sky-rockets whenever there is frozen water on the highways.

Lance Corporal Sonny Collin with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says the spots drivers are most likely to slide on tend to be along overpasses and bridges.

Overpasses and bridges are major problem spots because they're open. They don't have insulation from the ground to help keep the pavement warm, Collins says. The colder pavement allows water to freeze faster and causes the ice to slowly melt away. He says the same applies to shaded areas.

Although tomorrow's winter weather is not expected to be extreme in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee areas, if an icy storm does hit, Collins says there will be extra troopers on the roads. If ice does start to form on the streets, South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) crews will treat the main interstates and highways first. Collins says extra caution should be used on secondary and rural roads.

"It's important to remember if you are driving on a secondary road, that road may not have gotten the attention that I-95 got," Collins explains. "So the likelihood of you coming up on an area will be much higher."

Collins says drivers should avoid driving during the storm. For drivers dealing with slush and ice on the streets, Collins recommends slowing down, leaving plenty of distance and keeping both hands on the wheels.

If drivers spot ice on the roadways Friday, Collins says they can help troopers. They can dial "*HP" to report it.  A spokesperson for SCDOT says workers will closely monitor the roads during Friday's storm and will post updates to their website.

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