Caught On Cam: Truck Vs. Train

(WPTZ)  A Lyndonville, Vermont gas station is still picking up debris after a truck, barreling through flashing red crossing lights, crashed into the nose of a speeding train Tuesday.

"This doesn't happen here, this is what you see on TV!" said Danielle Altman, manager of M & M Beverage, whose surveillance camera caught the collision.

A crash of metal, wheels and flying papers was the scene that played out in front of Altman's eyes.

"I heard the train and looked up to see the back end of the truck flying down the tracks," she said.

As shown by the tape, a tractor-trailer carrying recycled papers speeds through flashing signals, smashes into the train.

Police, firefighters and town crews responded.

"When I arrived on scene, I found a 53-foot box trailer split in half," said Police Chief Jack Harris.

The back of the truck was ripped off by the engine, causing the truck to spill its load of papers across the intersection.

No one was injured but the trailer came dangerously close to M & M's diesel pumps.