Conway Police implement new program to combat neighborhood crime

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway Police are implementing a simple, yet effective, way to fight back against crime. Beginning Thursday, officers got of their patrol cars and hit the pavement.

The latest shooting death, which happened just feet away from a crime watch sign last month, was more than enough to show that something is not working.

Sergeant Darren Alston with the Conway Police Department believes it's time for police and the community to do more than just watch.

He's starting the Community Walk Through Program to show people living and walking in this neighborhood, and others throughout Conway, the power of paying attention.

The first community walk through started off of Hemingway Street Thursday evening.

It won't stop there. Sergeant Alston tells WMBF News his plan is to go through all 23 of Conway's neighborhoods regularly.

"Whatever I can do to save another parent, another mother from going through the pain, the heartaches that I feel on a daily basis, then I came to support this walk," Barbara Hytower took part in the walk. Hytower lost her daughter to a violent crime in 2006.

Hytower said efforts such as the community walks are crucial to taking the crime off the streets.

"It's not about just Conway. It's not about just Myrtle Beach because our children are dying in all these areas so we trying to come together and fight this together," Hytower said.

There will be another community walk on January 29 in the Sugar Hill neighborhood. Conway Police recently arrested and charged a 15-year-old for the January 7 murder of a man in the Sugar Hill community.

"When they do something like that not only do it affect the victim family but it affect their family also. You know, that's a young guy that probably gonna spend the rest of his life and his mother is gonna feel the hurt too," Hytower said.

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