Victims of SCDOR hack receive letters

(WMBF) The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) is responding to the millions of letters that have been arriving in the mailboxes of South Carolinians.

Thousands of South Carolinians are opening their mailboxes this week to find a letter from SCDOR saying that their information has been compromised. This comes on the heels of credit card and Social Security information being stolen from the state last fall.

Alex Pettee and his wife Rachel are just two of the 2.9 million South Carolinians who's information was compromised after the security breach.

The Pettee's have a lot of questions after receiving this letter from the SCDOR.

"They have my information, what else do they have? Do they have access to my bank account or access to anything else?" Alex Pettee said.

Many people wrote to WMBF NEWS asking what they should do if they received a letter, and many were wondering if they should expect one.

WMBF NEWS spoke with Samantha Cheek at the SCDOR office in Columbia Wednesday, she suggested that people sign up for free credit monitoring through Experian, especially if they received this letter.

If you have not yet enrolled, deadlines have been extended to give people extra time to get signed up, Cheek said.

One lady that reached out to WMBF NEWS said she received two SCDOR letters for people who lived in her home more than seven years ago.

The state has hired an outside company to track down people who have moved out of state or changed their mailing address, Cheek said.

Many feel that even though the state is taking steps to fix the problem, frustrations still abound for taxpayers.

"You expect to be able to do your taxes online and file them online and you get something in the mail saying ooop, said Alex Pettee.

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