Winter Weather: Caring for your health, car and home

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Temperatures around the Pee Dee and Grand Strand have been flirting with low 30's and even the 20's at night and the last few days. It's those temperatures, which can place a burden on people when it comes to their homes, vehicles and personal health.

Once there is a cold snap like on Wednesday, mechanic shops like C&G Auto Service, get an influx of customers needing batteries and tune ups for their vehicles.

"Usually the first cold spell you have it will zap your battery so make sure you have a good battery in your car," said Barry Abrams the Service Manager with C&G.

Abrams also advises drivers to look for any corrosion on the battery and add coolant and washer fluid if needed.

Mechanics aren't the only ones busy on cold winter days so are those servicing furnaces, like Mike Sirocco with East Coast Air LLC.

Scirocco had seven service calls before noon on Wednesday. He said having a technician come to your home is best to keep it properly maintained, but he understands not everyone can. So there are things homeowners can do to protect their homes.

Scirocco suggests to check the temperatures from the vents in your home and make sure its comparing closely to what the thermostat is reading. He also adds to changing the air filters in a home can safe people thousands of dollars.

Physicians and nurses at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center have been occupied with more people needing treatment from winter colds to catching the flu bug.

Winona McLamb, is the Certified Infection Control Specialist on staff at the hospital. She said getting outside when it is cold isn't such a bad idea, "It's always good to be outside and to exercise and those will boost your immune system that's important this time of year. Make sure you're eating well and drinking plenty of water."

McLamb does recommend getting the flu shot to her patients, "we are seeing a lot of the flu. Complications with the flu and particularly in the elderly. Just so you know everyone six months and older should get the flu vaccine."

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