Good Samaritan attempted to save Lake City woman's life

Source: West Florence Fire Department
Source: West Florence Fire Department

WEST FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A woman was rescued from a car submerged in a West Florence lake Sunday afternoon, and her family is speaking out on the Good Samaritan that tried to save her.

West Florence Fire Department firefighters arrived on scene to find a car completely submerged in Forest Lake near the intersection of Knollwood Road and South Cashua Drive in Florence, according to Captain Anthony Fox. There was one person in the car.

The Florence County Coroner's Office says the driver was 51-year-old Victoria Redden of Lake City. They say the cause of death was not drowning, indicating she was injured before her car went off a bridge into Forest Lake.

Coroner Keith vonLutcken say Redden was pronounced dead in the emergency room.

Witnesses report she was not speeding or swerving before the accident. Those witnesses, along with a sheriff's deputy pulled Redden from the car before it was completely submerged.

Redden's family was at the scene of the crash Monday and told WMBF News Reporter Stephanie Robusto that they are forever grateful to the Good Samaritan, Jenny Craig, for trying to save Victoria Redden's life.

Craig spent over ten minutes trying to beat out the window. She was overcome with tears Monday, saying she wished she could have gotten the door open, that she could have done more to save her.

Victoria's sister said "In life, Victoria always went above and beyond herself to help others. We are thankful to know someone else did the same for her in her last moments in life"

The sister continues to say that, "Many people wouldn't have even stopped. Jenny did without even thinking. She is a caring, giving and humble person, just like Victoria. I wish they could have met in this life. We thank God for you, Jenny"

Creating a bond for life, the family says Jenny brought peace that they could not have gotten from another walking human being.

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