Gas prices jump $0.20 per gallon on the Grand Strand since holiday season

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The Grand Strand is known for having some of the cheapest places to buy gas, but for the time being, that is not the case.

"They're just progressively going up and you have to do what you can to offset that," said driver Michael Nichols.  He decided to start driving his old truck to work, instead of his Mustang, in an effort to save some gas money.

Since mid-December, AAA said gas prices along the Grand Strand have increased about $0.20/per gallon to the new average of $3.20/gallon of regular gas.

"I'll probably be driving the truck a little while longer," added Nichols.

Tracie Lawrence with AAA Myrtle Beach said the winter Fiscal Cliff talks in Washington had a lot to do with the dramatic jump in gas prices.

"We've had the fiscal cliff really hanging out there for a while," said Lawrence.  "With that being averted for the time being the economy is stabilizing a little bit."

Lawrence said this spring-like weather in mid-January also added to the gas price increase.

"So we've had gorgeous weather it has definitely brought more people to the Carolinas to get away from some of the other colder spots so it pushes up the price," added Lawrence.

AAA reported that the average price right now per gallon on the Grand Strand is still lower than what it was a year ago.

Lawrence said the Grand Strand could see a slight dip in prices with the cold front moving in this weekend.

"We really feel like prices are stabilizing right now so there could be a little decrease before its said and done," said Lawrence.

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