DHEC gives local Thai spot a 'B'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Thai Cuisine Restaurant sits along Kings Highway at 12th Avenue North in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Rebecca Smitley works at the dance wear shop down the street and she givers her favorite lunch spot two thumbs up. "I think it's the best Thai place in Myrtle Beach. I prefer their food to a couple of other places," says Smitley.

On Friday the restaurant has a 'B' posted on the window after an inspector with the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) dropped in for a routine inspection and gave Thai cuisine a score of 78.

Full DHEC Inspection Report for Thai Cuisine (PDF)

In total, the inspector found nine violations, two of them critical. The inspector reported an employee was eating while preparing food and kitchen equipment was not properly cleaned. Other violations were noted for having dirty sinks, improperly labeling food, improper food storage, and for a problem with the sinks' plumbing.

But when Smitley dines at Thai Cuisine, the restaurant passes her inspection. "The silverware was clean. The tables were clean. The china was fine."

The report shows there will be a follow up inspection next week. Smitley hopes the restaurant will have everything in order when DHEC returns. "It's kind of important to me that they fix those violations. "

Further north along Kings Hwy is the TGI Fridays on 76th Avenue North. The restaurant also recently had a visit from DHEC. The inspector found three violations in Fridays kitchen.

The inspector cited Fridays for improperly storing plates and ordered the restaurant to clean the inside of the dishwasher, sink and to fix broken ceiling tiles. TGI Fridays scored a 95, an 'A' rating.

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