Gun owners sound off on "Stand your ground"

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Debates in Washington on gun control focus on keeping citizens from falling victim to gun violence, but in Myrtle Beach one lady who prevented a crime using her firearm says law-abiding citizens fall through the cracks of gun legislation.

"I was keeping him away from the Soles," said Melanie Moore, who prevented a car theft when she held a man and woman at gun point back in June.

"By taking [the man] out of the equation and letting [her neighbors] deal with his wife, I think things went a lot better," she said.

There have been two other notable cases where would-be victims stood their ground against their attackers in Horry County. One back in 2010 saw a man in Conway fend off three attackers, shooting one in the process. Another Conway man used his firearm to stop an attacker with a machete back in August.

"Stand your ground" laws have come under scrutiny, especially as violent gun crimes have made headlines in 2012. But Moore and her sister, Donna, stress that those people standing up against attackers are law abiding citizens, and get put in the wrong group in national gun control debates.

"You've got two different scenarios there," said Donna Lovejoy, Moore's sister. "You've got the person who just has to protect their family, and then you've got the person that just loves guns and is a gun fanatic.

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