Thousands set to improve Myrtle Beach neighborhoods

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The City of Myrtle Beach is moving forward with plans to help improve local communities. Thousands of dollars are about to be spent in several neighborhoods to improve the pride people take in the area.

For the Booker T. Washington neighborhood, the efforts start right with Carver Street. Carver connects Joe White and 21st Avenue North, and is about to undergo major changes in an effort to revitalize the neighborhood.

City council members say it's a good investment.

"I think that's going to make it look more attractive for hopefully some businesses in the future," said Myrtle Beach City Council Member Mike Chesnut. "And make people take pride in their neighborhood."

About $30,000 will be spent on major improvements to Carver Street and in the Booker T. Washington area. The money will eventually put in more streetlights, medians in the center of the road and sidewalks to make Carver Street a safer thoroughfare.

The thought is to make Booker T. Washington more than a neighborhood, but also a good location for future businesses and office space. Many of these changes the community asked for, and people are happy they're seeing these efforts come to life.

"We got some good results," said Dale Abraham, who grew up in the Booker T. Washington neighborhood, and who's been involved in the process. "Hey I'm enthusiastic. I don't know about anybody else but I'm proud. I'm happy."

Many of the funds set aside will go toward the engineering designs. But this isn't the only part of Myrtle Beach on its way to a new look. Other areas will also be receiving money for improvements.

"We want to reach out to everybody," said Abraham. "You know what I mean. Because in order for us to move forward in the future, we have to move out together. Not as one particular area."

Community Development Block Grant money will also go to improve parts of the Withers Swash, Harlem, and CMJ neighborhoods. The hope is that these changes won't just affect the look of these areas, but what's happening in them. Many are hoping it will cut down on crime, by giving people a place to go while generating more pride.

"That's the kind of stuff we want to see happen," said Chesnut. "All of that I feel will help people take pride in their neighborhood, and hopefully it will help cut down some of the crime in the neighborhood. We're just trying to throw things out there and see what will stick."

The funds will go to the legwork to get the ball rolling, and to get the engineering and design plans ready. Once the money is squared away for the projects, then construction can begin.

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