County council passes Hidden Woods tax ordinance

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night approving bonds for the Hidden Woods special tax district.

The money will go toward improving roads and drainage in the area, but some people living there, such as Lorraine Eglington says she feels as though she's paying for an uneven share of the improvements.

"It's already more than double so that was kind of a shock to see I'd be paying that much more," Eglington explained. "It was like between 550 and 600 dollars more."

The extra taxes will be used to pay back an $850,000 bond the county council agreed to sell in order to pay for road and drainage improvements. Hidden Woods Resident Mary Heyd says she's not happy about the fees, but hopes it will improve the look and value of the neighborhood.

"I don't like paying higher taxes anymore than anybody else, but we need our roads fixed," Heyd says. "If you ever go to sell your house you're not going to be able to sell it if the roads are a mess."

As part of the ordinance, homeowners in hidden woods will pay back the bond used to overhaul the roads and drainage over the next 15 years, but Eglington says she is not happy with how the repayment is spread between the homeowners.

"The taxes aren't placed evenly between all of the homeowners, I think it should be dispersed equally as far as the tax share that we're paying," Eglington says.

Some homeowners had even talked about presenting a petition at Tuesday's county council meeting, but when it came time for public comment on the Hidden Woods tax district, no one spoke up.

State law says each homeowner in the hidden woods district must pay taxes based on the value of their home, which is why some will end up paying more than others.

The ordinance will also allow Horry County Police to patrol Hidden Woods as the roads are now being maintained by the county.

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