Cyber security, tax reform top legislative agendas

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Legislators in Columbia say two of the biggest issues to tackle during this session are questions of cyber security, and tax reform.

"We'll send sales tax exemption bills to the Senate," said House Speaker Bobby Harrell, a state representative from Charleston. "We're going to flatten income tax, the personal income tax."

Harrell says House Republicans have tried to implement tax reform in years past, but have had little success due to the size of the bills. He says they're taking a different approach now.

"We made a decision to break that comprehensive bill into several smaller bills."

Also on the agenda for both parties: cyber security. After the South Carolina Department of Revenue was hacked following the opening of what legislators say was a suspicious email, the debate has shifted to whether it's more affective to continue pay to monitor South Carolinians' personal information, or instead focus on state security.

"The other agencies are kind of on their own," said State Senator Kevin Bryant of Anderson. "We don't want to have a standard where every state agency is treated the same. If a hacker gets into one, then they'll get into all of them."

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