Efforts continue to revitalize downtown Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - There are continued efforts to keep one of the oldest parts of Myrtle Beach thriving. The plan is to have several new events in the Five Points area.

Many of the events will be centered in Nance Plaza where people can easily see them, right off of Highway 17 Business in Myrtle Beach. There have been efforts to boost business before, but Five Points business owners believe events are the key to keeping your attention.

"A lot of neat restaurants, there are clubs at night," said Rik Dickinson, Vice Chair of the Five Points Business Association. "And I think so, yes. We need to bring people across the street from the beaches when they want to explore more of Myrtle Beach."

So members of the association brainstorming different events to catch your eye. We got a hold of the wish list-- full of events like weekly live jazz music at the plaza, Easter egg hunts in the spring, more festivals in the summer, and outdoor movie showings similar to what Market Common does.

They say the key is to consistently have events to draw you in-- some of them large scale enough to shut down Ninth Avenue North. The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation (DRC) says new ideas for them to consider are always welcome.

"Our doors are always open about things that are going on or things that would like to go on," said Lauren Clever with the Myrtle Beach Redevelopment Corporation. "Ideas, anything they would like to come to the table with we're always open to hear about what they'd like to see happen."

The mission of the Five Points Business Association is "to transform the downtown of Myrtle Beach area into a vibrant, profitable, 'must visit' destination for tourists and locals."

The list is not set in stone, but rather ideas the owners would like to see happen.

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